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Can being “in the zone” more often turn our good-enough into above-average work?
If you want to do more, learn more, and gain more, you might want to think like surfer…. or a racer

Surfing is a 1,000-year-old sport, and 20 years ago the biggest wave ever ridden was 25 feet. Today surfers push into waves 100 feet tall. Or consider snowboarding: In 1992, the biggest gap ever cleared was 40 feet; today that jump is 230 feet.

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Brisbane, Australia

… and the inherent value of making mistakes …

There are no surefire ways to become successful, but there are definitely some “success killers” you should avoid at all costs. Use the process of inversion to get what you want.


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This Ted Talk from ‘Ad Man’ Rory Sutherland is both entertaining and thought provoking … but essentially it’s the foundation of psychology … when you change your…

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