Perspective is Everything

This Ted Talk from ‘Ad Man’ Rory Sutherland is both entertaining and thought provoking … but essentially it’s the foundation of psychology … when you change your perception, or perspective, you effectively change your reality. Therefore, the power to change the perspective of others, is indeed, the art of influencing!

Being an Influencer

This might seem like it’s the new buzz word in marketing, and quite rightly so, but what’s really changed?, and what does it really mean?

Essentially, It’s what advertisers have always done. The only thing that’s changed is that now we all have the power of being media & content producers, therefore seemingly ordinary people can become ‘influencer’ famous. This is mainly based on “follower” or “subscriber” numbers, which can also be hacked, but that’s another story.

Focus & Flow

Another personal perspective is that of Focus! This almost reiterates from another point of view another post on Flow States. Where focus goes energy flows. This also helps to create and modify the reality you experience, as many sports people, particularly those sponsored by RedBull know, extreme sports and activities require laser like focus to maintain control. Motorcycle riders in Australia are taught that the direction you look is the direction the bike will follow (focus on your destination/goals not on your fears).

Changing the Past

This is also echoed in Shots of Awe by Jason Silva’s work Reality is Relative and Can we change the past? … the last one is about cognitive framing and how we interpret our experience reality is changeable … in short, changing the story, can effectively change the experience. You are not your past! Now empower yourself to go forth & change the world for the better!